It’s a pip world.

A series of 7 Polaroids about the work of creation and the natural order

It’s a pip world.

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Assisted Living

A work consisting of 20 single images showing german correctional facilities/prisons, whereby the pictures are optimally hung in a block of 5 x 4. The entire work then has a format of approximately 222 cm in height and 257 cm in width, the individual images including wooden frame with shadow gap have a size of 43 cm x 63 cm. All pictures are printed on Fuji Metallic paper and laminated on Alu-Dibond behind acrylic.

„This is the fascinating thing about prisons, that the violence does not hide, does not mask itself, that it presents itself as a cynical tyranny elaborated to the last detail, and that, on the other hand, it is completely „justified“ because it is embedded in a morality: Its brutal tyranny is the unclouded domination of good over evil, order over disorder. „

(*Foucault, Von der Subversion des Wissens, Frankfurt/M u.a.: Ullstein, 1978)

They will have been so beautiful.