Generative Art

The images shown here are not a fixed series, but a small selection of generative works that illustrate a first impression of my current search. All images are computer generated fractals. The images can probably be rendered in almost any size, although the maximum output formats depend on the available processing power of the computer used, as well as the limits of the output materials used.

Testbilder / TV test pattern


This work deals with the Christian mortal sin of Luxuria, also known as lust (debauchery, hedonism, lust, unchastity). The subject was treated appropriately in the form of a drypoint etching / copperplate engraving. This is a classic intaglio technique used in the past by prominent artists to treat the subject: In practical terms, it involves first scratching the design on a copper plate with a needle. The fine lines are then filled with thick ink, which is then pressed into the paper under high pressure. To do this, the metal plate is fixed in an intaglio press. The whole printing process can be quite a mess…