Socialised in West Berlin in the 80s: Maybe that’s why all my art projects were linked to a certain remarkable socio-cultural demand. Or maybe not. I was founder/director of the BERLINER KUNSTSALON (2004-2011), ran the „tease art fair“ in Cologne (2007-2010), published Berlin’s first ‚free‘ monthly art magazine „KONDENSAT – berlin art info“ (2001-2004) + a couple of catalogues. I also wrote about art + curated a large number of art shows as a forum for cutting-edge contemporary art, from the programmatic to the experimental. I was consulted on the development of projects, sent to represent the city at events abroad, and invited to present my views at local universities. Last but not least, I have exhibited my own work for various reasons, and my photographs are in several collections. Around 2011 I decided to leave the „art scene“ because – to name just one reason – I felt a lack of inspiration.

Since then, I’ve had a mostly internal dialogue with myself.

And so on.